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a man who is known for his comically strange antics whilst fucking himself over constantly. Very few others in the world realize his predicament. he is proliferously dangerous whilst besotted porque his life is precariously hanging by a thread. yo no se su vida. ps his mortal archnemesis is a man named blue wave that continues to fuck his day up. any kind of bebidas alcohólicas will surely end this poor mans rememberance of life. he truly is a philosophizer. ps the end.
look at fuckin win"guard" he got fucked up by that blue wave and started philosophizing perpetually about all the things in his life that truly nobody gives a fuck about.
#mark #winguard #fuckup #hammered #alcohol #drunk #marky twizz #marky mark #funky bunch #marky twizzlas #weird #fuckup squared
by marky twizzlas February 21, 2011
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