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all over the place, in a random fasion
you cant just do that willy nilly
by phatfrankiefiver April 27, 2003
Without consideration, an inconsiderate action.
"You can't just invade a country willy nilly"
by Kambo July 12, 2006
1. -surely and without regard to plans or inclination
2. -by compulsion: without a choice
3. -in haphazard or spontaneous manner
It seems that we must drift willy-nilly toward disaster.
by xjap April 08, 2007
a phrase used to express the seriousness of carrying out an action when most inappropriate
jamie you cant go using the smile gun willy nilly
by mr buck wild July 03, 2009
when you slap the back of someones hand with the back of your hand then the front of their hand with the front of your hand. Often used in handshakes.
Our handshake started with a willy-nilly and ended in a booty bump.
by questionmark? October 20, 2008
when it's cold outside and your dick starts to shrink because of the cold
When I went skiing, I fell and got snow in my pants. Then I got a case of willy-nilly
by Kristofillastitaasen January 19, 2008
The management practices of certain individuals who have only come to that position of leadership because no one else could possibly deal with their sorry ass. In addition, because of their slack ass, "willy nilly" style of management, the company is going straight down the tubes!
My boss was so willy nilly, he totally phucked up the project and everyone suffered.
by Bill July 27, 2004
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