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When a piece of poop somehow escapes the toilet paper and sticks to an ass hair or two. i.e. dingleberry
Dude i looked in the mirror this morning and i had a willknot the size of a golf ball on my ass.
by ThE KnOb gObLiN June 25, 2003
pieces of shit stuck in ass hair, that will "knot" come off
Oh man i got some really rusty will knots
by Chode Master April 17, 2003
when semen gets stuck in your public hair & no matter what you do, it 'will not' come out.
You've had that will knot there for ages.
by newtdecay December 22, 2007
When little clumps of shit get caught in your ass hair, and they WILL NOT come out.
Goddamn Will Knots, dunno what to do about them.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
An ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who will knot get lost. Play on words: not/knot. Connotes other meanings of "will knot," lending a derogatory air to the disposed of individual, comparing them to something gross stuck between your ass cheeks.
He broke up with her, but she still WILL NOT stop texting him. She's a WILL KNOT and needs to get a life, like, now.
by wachaaaaa November 28, 2010
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