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When you pee in the wild. If you were on a walk or something and you'd just drunk two bottles of water so your bladder was burstingly full you'd have to nip into the bushes to do a wild pee. There are different kinds of wild pee,
1. the male kind (in which the male turns away and pretends to be studying the scenery whilst actually they've undone their fly and are peeing),

2. or the female kind (which is far more uncomfortable and involves squatting in a bush and hoping no one notices)

3. or the lunatic kind (which is where you strip naked and pes in FULL view of everyone) 4. or finally the irritating kind (which is where someone, typically teenage males) pee in an inconvenient place, such as on the path where you are likely to walk then strip).
Alex: hey, Jane, whats up?
Jane: I really need a pee!
Alex: have a wild pee then!
Jane: OK!
1. Oh look, he's enjoying the scenery, nowait, HE'S PEEING!
2. What's she doing down there? Oh, right. Peeing. Sorry!
3. OMG!! Look away!! That dude's naked and peeing!! GROSS!!!!
4. Whoa!! Damn I just slipped in some pee.
by a.k is awesome:-) July 16, 2014
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