Mean Champion of Justice; Popular retired wrestling champion, who made his millions by kicking Chamber's flappy ass all over the planet, and made his billions by selling a Virtual Reality technology to Bill Gates; the jealousy of every man and woman in and out of the wrestling world; bigger hero than The Boss claims; down right nice guy.
"I LOVE YOU WILBURMAN!" Caligula, 14th February 2000.
by ChAmBeRs #1 fAn January 27, 2004
Top Definition
fat, balding under sexed chinese ex -wrestler who wears a kilt. Has sex once a year , like little boys and haggis. Devoted lover of Polly the sheep and mortal enemy of Chamber the great.
That Wilburmans such a wanker
by Raven Sinclair January 20, 2004
He who likes the company of younger boys.
Wilburman: "Hello little boy, would you like a friendly wrestle?"

Little Boy: "No fuck off you filthy cunt."

Wilburman: "There's a tenner in it for you."
by l.o.t.m January 27, 2004
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