Wil Wheaton is a brilliant fellow, well known for his work in Stand By Me, Toy Soldiers and (of course) Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, Wil also did (and does) astounding voice-over work for Teen Titans, the Secret of NIMH and Brother Bear. He is an accomplished author of two books: "Dancing Barefoot" and "Just a Geek."

In recent years, Wil has become a geek icon, connecting with self-proclaimed dorks around the world from his website, WilWheaton.net. He tours Trek, and computer-related conventions, and is devoted to his many fans.

He is also a comedian, a caring step-parent and husband and is dedicated to charity works and honest reflection.
1. "Wil Wheaton is a truly remarkable man."

2. "I listened to Wheaton's preformance last night, he was hilarious!"

3. "Wil is better than WFS anyway, screw him."
by DFein WilFan October 14, 2004
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The greatest Farker ever.
Whenever Wil Wheaton comments in a Fark thread, the thread quickly goes to infinity.
by Flopsy December 23, 2004
That one guy who whenever you play a game; video or board; fails miserably, especially if the game includes dice rolling.

Based off of Wil Wheaton, known as the king of shitty dice rolling.
Omg, that guy lost again. He's such a wil wheaton.
by knivestheshadowentity July 12, 2015
A full beard grown by someone who is known to be a geek.
"Look at Jared sporting his Wil Wheaton."
by NaasterChief January 25, 2012
The definitive Alpha Nerd, well known for his fondness for All things Star Trek, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, & WoW.
The sun rose red over the bloodied field of battle, and there, amongst the shattered remains of D&D miniatures, Star Trek Prop replicas and discarded WoW timecards, stood motherfucking Wil Wheaton.
by Wheaton-worshipper January 19, 2011

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