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(v) to follow hyperlinks through various wikipedia articles with no express destination
"I've been wikiwalking since 9 o'clock! - started off in Bangladesh and ended up at Prime Minister's Questions!"
by aeonsound August 10, 2006
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Looking up something on Wikipedia which then spirals into reading pages and pages of different articles.
Gary: Hey man, you look tired.
Ash: I'm exhausted. I was looking up The Fountain of Youth last night and ended up WikiWalking until about 3am.

Jimmy: I'll catch up with you in a bit, I'm going for a WikiWalk
by Merlingoth January 27, 2013
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Wikiwalking is a speed game which two or more people can play on Wikipedia. They choose a start page and an ending page. The first one to the final page wins that round, and normally you play the best two out of three.
My friend and I were Wikiwalking all night long!
by SWCrazyFan October 25, 2010
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