The act of searching lewd acts on Wikipedia, and masturbating to the descriptions and textbook diagrams, primarily because you're incredibly horny and porn sites have been blocked from your computer, or maybe that's just what gets your rocks off.
Jonny's parents assumed installing a parental control block on his computer would keep him from spending all day on, when in fact all he had to do was search "fellatio" on Wikipedia, and commence Wikiwhacking.
by The Frisky Dingo October 21, 2011
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a game played by users of the online encyclopedia , wikipedia. this involves two or more users, trying to reach a set target page from the same page by only clicking links within articles (no searching at all)
wiki whacking could involve trying to get from an article about Chelsea football club to an article about Gary Coleman
by lahai vandi February 01, 2008
To spend hours randomly clicking through links on wikipedia.
I looked up Bonnaroo and before you knew it I was wikiwhacking my way to My Morning Jacket.
by tiberius1234 June 23, 2006

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