ok wig wam is the most kick ass camping spot in the world...it is a world in itself..there is laws to follow and everything youll never know the location until you obtain the chai
paradise in the woods...salute the captain..wig wam is the place to be
by theesloth July 21, 2008
Top Definition
A sexual act where 3+ men croud around one girl, one in the pink, one in the stink and one in the mouth. at the perfect time all men must meet hands above the indian forming the "wigwam"
We wigwamed my sisters friend yesturday shit was so cash.
by Tom Doris October 15, 2009
A female wing-man.
Come next door with me, I need a Wigwam!
by NDBRA February 28, 2010
Slang term for a vagina.
That man wants to put his choochoo in your wigwam.
by queensborough February 19, 2009
'Wagwan' for whities.

See wagwan
Whitie #1: Wigwam, fellow honkey?
Whitie #2: Nm cracker, nm.
by iamthesocklord April 21, 2010
When you have to fart and it just won't come out!!!
when you try to push the wigwam out and it won't come out and your butt & stomach hurts
by southernbelleSC February 02, 2010
a place located in waupaca wisconsin that is believed to house dark arts. the only defense against the wigwam is blue moon ice cream. for more information on blue moon check out wikipedia. the wigwam is a place, the exact location is very well concealed and known by few. thoe few refuse to talk about it as many strange things occur.
the wigwam is fucked up!
by Nick "Ski Daddy" Banaszak March 28, 2007

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