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(n)-a cap peelin crack deala. (2) a person who is a professional killer who kills for nothing. (3) refers to gun or an apparatus with the intention to kill. Can also be used as "dont get cha wig splat" meaning dont get merked or beat down.
"Thats the wig splitta over there, hes infamous for killing cats."
"I got the wig splitta, now he's gonna pay."

by Kustard the Great May 12, 2006
A person (normally a gang member)who uses a firearm to shoot people in the top of the head.
He be a wigsplitta.
He be a wigsplittin nigga.
by Count Funkula June 02, 2003
Double-Headed axe used by a juggslo to chop necks, backs, etc.
Weo got a double-headed axe we dubbed the wigsplitta
by Blargh July 09, 2003
an axe/hatchet, we use this to split necks, don't come near a juggalo goin wicked style with one of these
I took my wigsplitta and cracked her fucking nug
by Juggalette1616 November 04, 2002
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