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1)When a husband kills his wife
(pronounced wife-e-cide)

2) When someone kills a wireless internet connection
(pronounced why-fi-cide)

3) When someones stops an something from smelling.
(pronounced Wiff-e-cide)
Example 1:1)
Officer Dan: Look at the bloody footprints leading away from the murder, this is a clear cut case of wificide.

Example 1:2)
Mike: Haha if that bitch(his wife) ever forgets my laundry again and I have to go to work in dirty clothes, a wificide is going to happen at 93 mirk st.(his address).

Example 2:1)
Chris: Fucking Damn Hackers commiting wificide on my network, they will pay for this

Example 2:2)
Matt: haha, I commited wificide on chris's network, I bet that bitch is mad as hell!

Example 3:1)
Sam: Damn that toliet stinks, someone get out the wificide
by Pro-Intel April 21, 2008
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