full of 11 year olds chavs, fucking their horses whilst on a gypo parade, filling the village with shitty gypo tat. 90% chav/gypsy 10% pedophile. DONT. GO. TO. THIS. PLACE. or you'll get fingered in the local forest by some evil gypo wanting to grap you.
Wickham chav 1: hey
Wickham chav 2: dont grab me.
Chav 1: but the legal age for sex is 12 and a half...
Chav 2: i'm 11 you twat.
by Kitty Grahamside July 08, 2011
Top Definition
1) Sir Henry, A British explorer. He was responsible for stealing about 70,000 seeds from the Brazilian rubber-bearing tree. Wickham is labeled as a "bio-pirate" or one of the first "bio-terrorists" by undermining the main economy of Brazil, thus dooming the Amazonian rubber boom.

2) Common usage: synonymous in common usage with an underhand, desperate and lazy theif, lacking a conscience, eithics, or morals of anykind.

3) Historical usage: associated with the abuse of a vulnerable person's sexual favours or sexual deviant; a lighthearted term or euphemism for date raper, or paedophile.
1) "Sir Henry Wickham brought rubber to Britain"

2) "that man just stole my wallet"

"what a filthy Wickham"

3) "I don't like little suzie hanging around with that man; I hear he's a bit of a Wickham, if you know what I mean"
by gloria-go-go May 14, 2009
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