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wiL Francis is the hottest lead singer from the band Aiden. He is so gorgeous and sings really good. if you don't like Aiden than your crazy (:
wiL Francis was awesome at Taste of Chaos in ORLANDO this year (:
by emo_for_life June 12, 2007
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the lead singer or the band Aiden signed with Victory Records.
yester day i met wiL francis. he has amazing talent. =)
by gothicrebelkr94 May 12, 2006
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The lead singer of Aiden. An awesome band from Seattle. They have enormous talent and normally steal the show.
Wil Francis's hugs cure the common cold.
by Jimi Hendrixx March 25, 2007
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wiL francis is the singer to the post-hardcore band Aiden, from seattle. they are signed to victory records. wiL is married to mikaela. ;
wiL francis's band Aiden is amazing.
by mikaelarosefrancis August 12, 2007
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