The retarded ghetto way of saying how come.
Why come I can't get my food stamps?
by Antoniown December 13, 2009
Top Definition
The combination of the phrases why and how come usually in connection with a question about anything.
Sue: We have to go to that thing tonight.

Bob: Why come?

Sue: Did you just say why come?

Bob: Yeah, why come?

Sue: Sigh
by Rich N. Kreemy December 10, 2007
Comes from the film Idiocracy. Same as "how come" or "why" just combined.
"Why come you didn't call me last night?"
by chchchelseauh July 01, 2007
Combinin' 'why' and 'how come' to mean whatfer.
If we camed from monkeys, then whycome there still be monkeys?
by Smapple February 20, 2008
a combination of why and howcome
Person1: Hey, i deleted all your files!
Person2: Whycome!!!!?!??
by Solly74 June 13, 2012
A question, similar to "how come?" but with more emphasis on the motivations of the subject
"Jimmy your mother and I are getting a divorce"

"Why Come?"

"Because she is a no good skank"
by Mattconno July 26, 2008
a term used south of the ohio river by total dolts.
1) i am going to bang my sister
2) why come you want to fuck your sister
by troy October 31, 2003
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