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1. An expression of abject dissapointment; to be dismayed or perplexed.
2. To throw a tantrum; to be irrational
3. What Sags would say when his Mum ends up in jail for Child Sexual Assault.

Origin: The word is a contraction of the phrase 'Whose going to give me a fucking bath now?'. Its roots come from the movie, 'Snatch', after the Pikie's mum dies in a Caravan fire.
Definition 1:
*After missing the last bus home*
Dude: Whosegunnagivemeafuckinbathnow!?
Definition 2:
Dude: Shit, the water pipes are broken, gonna have to call the plumber
Guy: Whosegunnagivemeafuckinbathnow!?
Definition 3:
*Cops taking Sag's mum away
Meetha: No matter what the police say, I bathed you because i *loved* you!
Sags: Well whosegunnagivemeafuckinbathnow?
by Blackstump November 16, 2003
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