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An alert that is called by some one who, although was born in an English speaking country and speaks only English, is intimidated by others, especially immigrants, cultural minorities, and nerdy people, who speak the language better than he or she does.

By sounding this alert, one tries to hide the fact that others are smarter.
Kumar: Excuse me, but to whom am I speaking to?
Larry: Whom alert! This guy is using them $10 dollar words again!
Juan: Get over yourself Larry. Not only is speaking the English language free of charge, but Kumar has only been speaking it for 6 years. What's your excuse?
by Flagman00 July 04, 2011
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An alert that is called when one is trying to sound smarter than they really are. In more severe cases, a whence alert may be necessary.
Jim: So Rob, how's that advanced calculus class going?
Rob: I'm not certain for whom the curriculum was written, but I am definitely far too brilliant to be wasting my time on this tripe.
Jim: That's it, buddy! I'm calling a whom alert on you!
by slaufer January 25, 2006
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