This is a question asked wile looking at an attractive female who is unknown to the voyer. The question is normaly asked (in a high pitched voice) to someone who deffinatly dosent know who the female is. Also the question is said loud enough where the female is heard by the voyer.
Attractive female walks by...
Male #1(to Male #2) whodat!!! (high pitched voice)

Male #2 I dont fucking know
by blankstrhhthggfhg September 25, 2009
a question attempting to ascertain identity
whodat be what phucked yo' momma?

whodat say dey gon beat dem Saints?
-regional for New Orleans, LA football
by Wordizzilator October 29, 2003
who is that person over there
Whodat nigga on my porch?
by Mitso October 23, 2003
ebonics for "Who is that?"

Spoken by those of the inner-city. They normally always ask, "Who dat?" before answering the door in case its the MAN.
knock, knock.
Who dat?
by philly64 September 03, 2006
who is that
whodat you talking to?
by cori foresti October 23, 2003
Short for Who is that?
(knock) whodat!
by Joe October 26, 2003
who is that?
knock knock; whodat
by supercron78 October 23, 2003

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