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A low self esteem, overweight/obese white girl who grew up in a small town with no black folks; everyone in that town called her “fat” or “chubby”; therefore, was considered unattractive. She goes off for college or moves to the big city. One day, she in a circumstance where she is around black men for the first time. To her surprise, she considered “bangin” or “slammin” (i.e. very attractive) to the black guys because she got a “big ole ass n titties”. She proceeds to "have relations" with only black men because they make her feel attractive/sexy while she really is just an unattractive fat chick. Some of these girls, because of low self esteem, become complete and total sluts. One mans fat is another mans treasure.
"Remeber that fat chick Becky? I hear that after she left Utah to go to school in Atlanta, she is a straight white-meat mcnugget (WMM) now! I saw her in a Ying-Yang Twins video the other day doing booty dances!
by Brizzle-D November 02, 2006

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