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A mid 90's heavy metal band whose lead singer was Rob zombie.The bass player was an EXTREMELY hot chick named Sean Yseault. The guitar player was J.,And the drummer was John Tempesta who still plays with Rob Zombie. Back when White Zombie were still together Sean beat out Flea(Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Les Claypool(PRIMUS) for bassist of the year.Thier hits were thunderkiss '65,black sunshine,the one, and the unforgettable MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN. WHITE ZOMBIE is also a classic horror movie starring Bella Lugosi.
Rob Zombie sucks ass since he went all techno and thinks he needs 30 different remixes for every song! He should have stayed with WHITE ZOMBIE.
by choad666 January 24, 2006
1.) A really cool early 90s metal band fronted by Rob Zombie.

2.) A 1932 horror movie starring Bela Lugosi
Guy 1: White Zombie is cool
Guy 2: The band or the movie?
Guy 1: Both
by I Hate Conformists May 28, 2005
When one comes in a girls eyes without her concent and forces her to move about the room blinded with both of her hands outstretched and moans like a zombie while searching for a towel.
I gave that bitch a white zombie, but when she was looking for a towel she triped and fell out the third story window and died brutally. Ha.
by Eugarc July 23, 2009
A specialty coffee drink using white (barely roasted) coffee beans, white chocolate, steamed milk, and usually another syrup flavoring to complement the peanut-like flavor of the white coffee. Coffee that is roasted so light retains more caffein but has a nutty flavor and very little typical coffee taste. This is a super sweet hi-caffein drink!
You look half asleep! Why are you drinking that whimpy tripple-shot? you should have ordered a White Zombie.
by somberpooch February 18, 2011
When a girl is giving you head and you are about to blow so you pull out and skeet her. After she has been skeeted you punch her i the face making her moan and look like a White Zombie.
Last night a gave some random girl i picked up at the bar a White Zombie
by Sir Reginald March 23, 2006
White Zombie was the name used by Rob zombie before he changed his name to Rob
if you might please see Rob Zombie
by Nixi McDonald June 20, 2005
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