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overtaking/driving down the central white line of a single carrage road where the road is wide enough for the cars your overtaking and the oncoming traffic ie creating your own 3rd lane.... not legal! and gets dodgy when you meet someone white lining towards you! time to play chicken.....
plenty of wide enough roads for white lining around Birmingham, try using something fast tho otherwise you will look stupid
A form of BDSM knife play that does not break the skin but leaves behind a white line.
I love knives and feeling the point drag along my skin but the sight of blood is just too much, so I stick with white-lining.
by SpottedVasa December 16, 2012
The action of a dude laying down spunk on a bitches chest.
Guy whacking off while sitting on GF and whitelining her juggs.
by 150canU? June 08, 2011
Masturbating while operating a vehicle causing you to touch the white lines on the road.
Tom: "I was white lining it all the way to her house man."
Craig: "That's gross!"
by dunkernoodle July 21, 2010
when a line of cocaine is snorted off an erect penis
that hoe loves white lining
by G-funk July 17, 2003
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