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A caucasian liberal mush wimp do-gooder who knows what is good for everybody else, and who works to cram it down our throats.
White liberals whine and moan when child murderers get the hot squat. They also say that when a doctor grabs the head of a baby being born, jams a pair of scissors into it, and smushes up the baby's brains, that a woman has exercised her constitutional rights.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
A white person who is perpetually offended, and who demands politically correct language and behavior to prevent anyone from being offended.
A liberal twit.
White liberals are either women or effeminate men.
Arnold the white liberal never says "garbage dump," because that might offend somebody. So Arnold only says "Landfill." Arnold says "Wetlands" instead of "Swamp," and he says "Guy of Color" instead of "Colored Guy." "We mustn't offend anybody, you know" whimpers Arnold.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 01, 2008
Slave Masters of the liberal plantation.
White liberals inject the ideas that minorities need to held to a lower standard because they are somehow inferior and need a step up for equality . A white liberal will usually be seen at a protest ready to ump in scream and confuse a situation as soon as common sense is introduced .
by Urban planter June 21, 2016
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