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lies people write on facebook to friends to make that person feel good, or about themselves to make them look better.
Ex. 1 - "Girl, you look the same after all these years, so gorgeous, I ain't tellin no white flies!"

but if the truth was written it would be, "you look a good 10 years older than you are, a trip to the dermatologist would do wonders, but won't address that bad hairstyle. Don't even get me started about your wardrobe."

Ex. 2 - Status update: "Whew! Just ran 10 miles!"

Truth: "I just walked down the street to my neighbor's to see if he wanted to join me for a run. We ended up polishing off a 6 pack and watched the game."
by Ubiferous July 29, 2011
A term to warn people that someone is coming, eg. teachers, parents, store owners, security, police.
Person1 "Tell me if someone is coming"
Person2 "Okay"
*Person1 does whatever they don't want anyone to see
*Someone comes
Person2 "Whitefly!"
*Person1 stops
*Person3 comes in
Person3 "WTF?!"
Person1/2 "HeHeHe"
by twe4ked October 23, 2007
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