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WhiteFang, also known as 'AJ'. An Orphan who is a specialised hacker and a Operates mIRC for a living.
-'A ferocious demon who hacks for the hell of it'
by John January 03, 2005
To return a former pet to the wild by force or coercion if necessary.
My former girlfriend was way too into me so I had to white fang the bitch.
by JD81 March 21, 2007
Either a husky or a wolf
e.g A relative of the dog family
by Keterina November 29, 2003
Underground slang term that refers to "cocaine", a substance snorted.
crack-cocaine is usually found in poor black neighborhoods in the ghetto whereas powder-cocaine, White Fang, is found in rich white suburban neighborhoods.
by Gary333 February 15, 2007
invented by the famous porn star Albert Adams"jesus adams", white fang is the sexual act of:
when a man ejaculates into a girls hair causing it to harden and stain, this forces the girl to have to cut her own hair
-Oh Nadia did u donate ur hair to locks of love?
-No, i just got white fanged
by cacalaka July 14, 2008