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A term describing a face that has been ravaged by poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol abuse, and a general lack of hygeine. Commonly seen in low-income areas throughout the world. Major features often include "smoker's lines," beady eyes, stringy hair, and thin lips.

Sufferers are commonly seen using child support to buy cigarettes, working the checkout lane at 10 pm, and flipping out at walmart.

A step down from meth face.
Dude, ever since your girlfriend lost all her teeth, she's got total white trash face.

I know man, I don't know why I had seven kids with her.
by Frankie Cocke May 16, 2011
A female that wears copious amounts of make-up that is as thick as pancake batter. Often wears so much usually to cover a bad acne condition, or to erase the mutilating effects of a face lift gone bad. These women are often afraid of any aging appearance so they try to look 22 years old for the next 45 years. By the time they are 80 years old they look like "talking skulls" or a morticians nightmare.
Middle age guy: Wow! Did you see that middle age gal over there? She looks great for her age. Is she single again?

Teenager: Yeah that's my great grandmother. Shes had 8 face lifts. Shes 84 years old with a "white trash face" from her recent surgery.

Middle age guy: I could take her to the Lawrence Welk Show reunion concert this weekend.
by HubbaDubba February 27, 2014

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