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Noun (astrophysics term): the small, highly-dense stellar body remaining after the nova detonation of a "main sequence" star, typically Earth-sized in overall dimension, but displacing a gravitational mass equivalent to that of the Earth's Sun.
Astrophysicists now calculate that white dwarf stars may account for as much as 6% of all the known stars in our quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.
by speedog July 13, 2010

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Noun: A person who is hot but not very bright (much like the remnant of a star known as a white dwarf).
I think I'm going to break up with Dan. He's a white dwarf and I'm bored with him.

That girl at the take-away was sexy as hell, but as soon as she started talking I knew she was a white dwarf.
by Bean_Bag September 16, 2014