When a female has gotten too bent off of long island ice teas and can no longer function enough to participate in the act of sexual intercourse. Trying to get it in is just not happening, sorry boys. The female equivalent of whiskey dick.
I brought him home but dammit whiskey vagina prevented the want some get some.

After 5 long islands I blacked out hard core, tried to have sex...whiskey vagina strikes again!
by AOIIs In the Bathroom February 06, 2011
Top Definition
The female version of being too drunk to fuck. Girl is too intoxicated to be turned on by any throbbing cock, even by Kelly Slater.
She was drunk enough to go home with him, but whiskey vagina let her down.
by E block beezies March 02, 2008
When you have sex while drunk and are completely unable to achieve orgasm.
I was having sex with my SO after we got wasted at the bar and I totally got whiskey vagina and didn't finish.
by Gigi Engle May 17, 2015
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