The act of kicking someone in the back of the knee so they collapse and fall on their ass.
I gave little Johnny a Whipper Snapper and tore both his ACL's.
by KunzKar. June 03, 2010
Whipper Snapper is now being used as a term for the word "car." This comes from the original slang "whip" and has been changed to the Whipper Snapper. (Washington)
1. Ay im boutta go pick up the whipper snapper right quick
2. Ay my dude where's the whipper snapper?
by Jphizz March 19, 2007
the term actualy means small or insgnificant person, a verry old old english word. due to urbanization and the constant groth of the english language it genraly turnd into:

1. somthing old shit calls the new generation

2. another word for condom, rubber, dick bag ect.

3. this is a funny story: i go to one of those lame ass montessouri schools and i was going through the manual and found in the hazzerdes items was a fucking whipper snapper... i think they ment those bang snaps, poppers, ya know the things you through at the ground and they pop... fucking dumbass montessouri people...
1.old fag "come here you whipper snapper, i got a whole golden dollar for ya"
random kid " fuck off old man"

2. some old pimp "my whipper snapper wint fit...!?"

3. lameo "...and he threw a whipper snapper at me!!"
"... wow misses montessouri you gotta be really old for somone to be that scared of you...."
by piro-cun September 25, 2006
Vice versa to you calling your grandparents old, wrinkly sacks of shit.
"Sup nigga POPS!"

"Eh? What's that? I can't understand none of this slangish hoo-ha you whipper snappers come up with every day! Eh heh heh. Now gather round my moldy rug and let's watch some real black n' white TV! Sorry my kitchen smells like old."

"Yeah...Whatever, you ancient fuck. Don't you have a museum to visit or a garden to plant or somethin'?"
by Juggalette Mini March 22, 2004

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