When a person does everything their boyfriend or girlfriend orders them to do, no matter how ridiculous it is, and then some. Usually because they are afraid that if they don't follow instructions they will be dumped and left alone. Sometimes it can get to the point where the person is brainwashed to turn on their friends, and do anything possible so it it just them and their lover.
Jill:Bye baby, I gotta go to soccer practice. *tries to walk away*
Ricky:*grabs Jill's boob while making a funny whining noise and sticks his tounge down her throat* okay, remember to IM me as soon as you get home!
later that night....
Ricky: In an IM OMG you have been on for 5 minutes and you didn't IM me first! you're cheating on me! you were talking to some other guy! you don't love me! go back to your loser friends, I don't care!
as you can tell there is a lot more where that came from. anyways, Ricky's interogations cause Jill to cry and admit to fulfilling the accusations, even though they are not true. she apologizes profusely and Ricky brainwashes her into a plan of leaving her friends so it can just be the two of them, and in a matter of, hmm say 3 weeks, there is nothing left but JillandRicky, the famous inseparable couple who do nothing individually and have no other friends. but hey, that is just the kind of whipped I have encountered. usually the average isn't that bad (because the whipped spouse is SMART), and it ends on the IM freakouts.
by Celina DS September 13, 2005
Top Definition
being completely controlled by your girlfriend or boyfriend...in most cases a guy being completely controlled by his girlfriend.
Damn! Joe is whipped!
by dabanga April 12, 2003
Being completely controlled by a woman to the point where you will do or say anything that she tells you to. In most cases the guy isn't getting any pussy.
Spanky is so whipped by Courtney it isn't even funny...and he won't even ever get any from her!
by spankys a lesbian bitch January 01, 2005
The mis-labeling of sincere devotion between a man and a woman as some sort of failure on the part (typically) of the man. This mis-labeling isn't applied by any sort of "lover" grade male; rather, the labler is usually a misogynist frat-boy hedonist incapable of rubbing two higher-level brain cells together longer than the time taken to hit the bong or crush a beer can on his head. Mislabeling based on an inability to comprehend that men and women can have long-term, spiritually fulfilling relationships beyond the more obvious physical calisthetics...and that a man who puts the hapiness and joy of his woman above his own hapiness is the essence of successful relationships, NOT a failure. Obviously, when a woman reciprocates in kind, the result is the pinnacle of human hapiness and spiritual fulfillment.
Frat boy: Me wake up on floor in puddle of own vomit. Me only f*ck drunk ho's at party....hmm...that guy happy with woman, say he LOVE woman...he WHIPPED I bet.

Evolved human: did you hear that? it sounded like a pre-humanoid predecessor, giving off a mating call for antelope..!
by MNO October 11, 2006
When a man is controlled by his girlfriend...almost entirely. To the point of embarresment when his friends tell him that his girlfriend has got him whipped.
Cam is totally whipped but not as bad as Swain.
by Ahh May 01, 2005
Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your real friends for her, being a little bitch, answering to the crack of the voice, Ray and Schaub
Ray Freund w/ Fran Schaub w/ Arianna
by Kent Eikey April 28, 2005
1. The past tense of whip, that is, to be hit with a piece of rope or like object.

2. To be utterly controlled or dominated by one's partner, as in girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse.
Felipe: Man oh man! You shoulda seen it!
Xander: What happened? Is this another tale of whipping?
Felipe: Yes! John was getting whipped by his girlfriend AGAIN. She told him to bring home a tree that she found on the ground from Wilmington to Atlanta, so he picked up the tree, put it in his lap, and held it there for four hours, and then dropped it in the middle of his driveway.
Xander: Yep. That's John for ya.
by Sultan of Swing March 14, 2005
being controlled and doing everything your girlfriend tells you to
damn justina has sean sooo whipped that its actually really funny
by jonathan cameron December 09, 2005
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