See: Robert Lynn Whipple IV.

Whiny cunt who is often scrounging in local public servers with a 1:2 kill:death ratio. Complains of his mother when she comes home with two drunk black bitches preparing for an orgy.
Whipple: Oh fuck, my winAMP is broke!!
Darkstarrr: QQ you whinging pommy bastard.
Whipple: OLL
by darkstarrr October 16, 2007
Top Definition
Englishman that complains a lot; or, an Englishman. Whinge means to whine or to complain, a pommy or pommie is an Englishman, and bastard is just for emphasis.
Why do you Australians always talk about "whinging pommy bastards?"
by octopod November 05, 2006
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