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when a small girl, usually shorter than 5'4, gets demolished by a huge guy (usually black), upwards of 6 feet. Their sex results in the smaller girl being bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
"Yo Meg just got demolished by that black football player"

"Yeah bro he totally Wheelchaired her!"
by nochillsavage January 15, 2015
To be so impaired from drink or drugs that a wheel chair is needed to move you.
Justin was so trashed in the Las Vegas Airport after a weekend of partying that security deemed him "unfit to fly" and he had to be wheel chaired out of the airport.
by Alphonse Drzzny December 29, 2008
V. 1) To use a wheelchair to get from point A to point B.

2) To use one's wheelchair, either by pushing oneself in a manual chair, or by controlling a power chair, to get to one's destination

*Note: This is much like walking, running, or jogging, but for wheelchairs
Today, I wheelchaired to the grocery store to get milk.
by ElevatorsOut June 18, 2009
When you fuck a girl so hard she can't walk and possibly has to use a wheelchair for a couple days
Wow, Hunter done wheelchaired my girlfriend last night and now she can't walk.
by SweepinTheNation March 04, 2016
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