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In Wheatfield there is really not much to do. Exciting points consist of having bon fires. To find anything worth doing besides looking at shitty cows, cow fields and shrubbery you have to drive at least 20 minutes in any directions. Wheatfield is extremely sheltered and after high school most people go to college and are amazed when they experience an actual party. Since in Wheatfield is on an Indian reservation the high school is infested with Native Americans. The Native Americans stick together and will gang up on you if something is said to them that they do not like. Wheatfield is 30% preppy 30% emo and 30% ghetto (white kids acting black). A typical night in Wheatfield are movie nights at someones house where everyone gets together. Also the "popular" place to hang out is Tim Hortons.
by wolfpack2000 August 31, 2010
A large field where crops are grown.

The head of an alien lover in E.T.

Also, Jonathan, an alien researcher, hair shape. Hair is spiky and resembles crops in a wheatfield.
Look at that wheatfield in the Texas land; it is very arid.

That hair shape is preposterous, it's shaped like a wheatfield
by Edwardo Dhruv May 18, 2011
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