a group of people that hikes, hangs out and does, um, whatever via meetup.com
Whoa. I have nothing to do but I'm hella lazy and don't want to get up before noon.

Man, you suck. Try Whatevering.

See more at meetup.com/whatevering/
by startupninja October 11, 2009
Top Definition
engaging in romantic or sexual behaviors with another person in an ambiguous way that does not necessarily imply monogamy or commitment to a serious relationship. Related to but not necessarily concurrent or synonymous with the terms "talking" and "dating."
She and I have been whatevering all summer, but I doubt anything'll come of it.
by Zapatistabanero January 07, 2007
Verbed form of whatever. To engage in an unspecified activity; sometimes a euphemism for casual sexual behavior.
She and I have been whatevering for 2 weeks, but I don't know if it's going anywhere.
by tagonist April 07, 2005
When a couple engages in flirting, most of the time in public, while ignoring their surroundings. Sexual intercourse is often implied. Will sometimes be used to simply designate either the making out part or the intercourse itself.
He didn't dare talk to his ex: she was too busy whatevering.
by rogueinfiltratorreyes July 07, 2012
a dance done by holding out your arms and shaking your upper torso side to side... usually while sitting down.
"Hey Sandra, what do you want to do?" asks Rachel. Sandra responds "Whatever..."
*Rachel starts whatevering...*
"Look!! I'm whatevering!!" says Rachel.
by Coonage August 15, 2005
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