NOT a word that fobs use instead.
It's actually for middle schoolers who don't want to cuss, but still want to sound 'cool.'
Jordan: "What the FREAK, you're so stupid.
Madison: "Shut the freak up!"
by xD super bored August 29, 2008
Top Definition
A term that fobs use instead of what the fuck because they can't pronounce fuck correctly.
Soojin: "What the freak! give me back my drink. I WANT to have liver failure."
by Yousuf Saif July 01, 2008
something you say when dont believe is not right
All right class your homework is to define all the definitions in this chap. What the FREAK!!
by Tyler MAC November 02, 2005
A common spell-out for the acronym "WTF." Mainly used by middle-schoolers and Mormons.
"What the freak! He just ninja'd my popsicle!"
by Darkast August 11, 2009
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