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A form of greeting. A way of saying hello and at the same time asking whats going on. Texas slang.
"Hey whats up man"
"What a do"
#whats up #whats goin on #how you doin #hello #whats the deal
by 3rd Coast Livin May 17, 2006
how you doing or easily how are you,what you yp to
what a do man? im chilling
#how you doing #how are you #what u up to #are you ok #az life
by eloge May 23, 2006
A common way to say: what's up/ what are you doing/ what should we do later? Commonly used in a text message or a chat.
John: Whatado?
Larry: Not much what about you?
#whatado #whatido #what's up #how are you #gangster greetings
by jameison December 08, 2009
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