pussy, sex
"I can't get enough of that wetness."
#sex #pussy #vagina #ass #whisker biscuit
by bergulations November 20, 2008
Top Definition
wetness- a college junior who gets excessively excited with drunken males on weekends/some weekdays. A common encounter with the "wetness" results in a hungover question to yourself, "did i piss the bed?" However, you tend to turn to your right or left and are face to face with the WETNESS.
I brought home wetness last night and took off my sheets prior to getting tough. Tough as shit.
#squirt #not pee #soggy #not tough #wet
by dryness December 06, 2010
Referring to wet in basketball where instead of just one shot is wet the whole game is wet where everyones knocking shots down.
Basketball season is coming up, you better get ready for wetness.
#wet #ballin #swish #money #kobe
by DeacWetness2011 November 16, 2011
Another name for a female's vagina or pussy.
Man, that sex was whacked--when my length entered her wetness--wooee!
by Sean May 08, 2004
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