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The act of ejaculating into someone's hair while they sleep.
Al just gave Austin a wet pillow, it was awesome
by Al_Tal July 17, 2011
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If you are into wetting and pillow humping, a real wet pillow may become an endless source of mind-blowing orgasms. A wet pillow always feels much nicer than a dry one, as the wetness produces a special kind of friction, which feels really exquisite against the male or female genitals. Humping a wet pillow can also be called wet humping.
I sometimes dry hump my pillow but humping a wet pillow feels much nicer.
by pulvillus November 25, 2006
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when a woman is just fucking shit in bed and has no intrest in doing anything but laying there and being stuffed by her boyfriend. She will not suck your cock, she will not wank you off, she will not bend over and let you treat her like the dirty slag you want her to be, she is just a spasticated hole that should be taken out back and shot.
i hate fucking my girlfriend, she does fuck all, she is just a wet pillow !
by trev June 17, 2006
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The act of internally crying and wetting a pillow with tears.
Wet pillow cause I can't come tonight
by Thotinator February 02, 2015
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