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When you fall asleep and you dream you're about to get laid, but then freddy krueger comes out and gets you off causing you to cum in real life.
Johnny woke up from a wet nightmare with wet pants after freddy krueger entered his dream and got him off.
by luckyfinnegan123 June 24, 2010
when you're sleeping with a chick and you wake up early and jack off on her back. The next morning you tell her you had a wet dream.
last weekend mindy blue-balled joe so he gave her the wet nightmare. it was hilarious
by TUhippy April 11, 2006
Similar to a wet dream but instead the person sleeping is dreaming of being raped, usually by a gorilla or person larger than the one sleeping. The wetness is usually a result to the victim sweating or in some cases blowing their load if their gay or something
"Frodo had such a bad wet nightmare that his anus was swollen to 3 times its actual size".
by Wykydtron187 June 26, 2009

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