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A bad lie that only works because it is socially awkward or embarrassing. Used to quickly end an interrogation.
Example 1

At college, a guy walks in on his roommate, who was using a computer. The roommate quickly quits off the program.

Guy: What were you just doing?

Roommate: Watching porn.

Guy: Oh *walks away*

Roommate was actually playing World of Warcraft. Porn was a wet lie.

Example 2

Parents hear something aggressive from son's bedroom and go over to check it out. They knock loudly on the door. Son answers, naked and a little sweaty, barely creaking the door open.

Dad: What's going on in there?

Son: Nothing... I was just masturbating...

Mom: Why are you so sweaty?

Son: I was really getting into it

Parents: *walk away*

What really happened was the boy was having sex with some girl. Masturbation was a wet lie
by JFangsta July 13, 2011
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