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After rowing, crew teams occasionally can't dock their boats for one of various reasons: other boats already using the dock, a strong current preventing adequate steering, or inexperience of the coxswain. When this occurs, rowers have to climb out of the boat in (often ice-cold) knee-deep water to carry the boat onto the shore.
Today the current was so strong it carried us right past the dock, and rowing it back out for a better angle would have taken too long, so we had to wet dock.
by greendeviant April 30, 2009
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noun.- an already moist vagina or anus where a penis, fist, or miniature boat may be inserted or docked.

verb.- to insert a penis, fist, or miniature boat into an already moist vagina or anus.
We took turns putting our boats in her wet dock. We were wet docking on tandem dat night, be peeing on faces too.
by Unchangeable Bird August 17, 2011
A phrase that means lubrication during or for sexual intercourse using referring to male genitalia.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003

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