The God who walked among us until he head-butt too many people and suffered severe trauma to the skull. Rest In Peace
I believe that nothing more needs to be said. Bow down.
by Jimmee Dean May 01, 2005
Top Definition
My hero, he is the greatest song writer ever, using only a keyboard and a spectacular voice, he churned out hilarious songs. R.I.P.
"At the age of 46 Al Capone was a stupid jack ass."
by nick h June 10, 2004
The now-deceased schizophrenic singer-songwriter famous for his short but sweet songs about anything from his crack-addicted mother to having his ass eaten by vultures.

I'm sure Wes is telling God to suck a male camel's dick right now. Rest in peace, buddy.
Rock over London, Rock on Chicago
Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'
by King Ninja March 03, 2004
The most origanal songwriter ever, he made tenacious d look like westlife, no one can ever replace him, god speed
Suck my dogs dick
Suck my dogs dick
Suck my dogs dick
Suck my dogs dick
by Phill Stone April 15, 2004
A misunderstood genius. Who is truly missed.
Rock over london rock on chicago,budweiser it's the king of beers.
by wesleynaut 22 April 20, 2005
The greatest song writer EVER! Better lyrics than most Rappers. - "Cut The Mullet"! "I Whooped Batman's Ass", "I Smoke Weed" and "Rock and Roll Mcdonalds" are true rock classics.
by Aberfoyle April 29, 2003
A black, obese, schizo who writes some great music thanks to his mental disorder. Plugs a certain product at the end of his songs.
Rock over London, rock on Chicago.
Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions.
by Anonymous May 21, 2003
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