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When a wenis addict sneaks up behind you to grab your wenis.
I love wenis! But he won't let me touch his. Watch this! I'm going to wenis rape him!
by Gennie Lynn July 27, 2006
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The act of being involuntarily rubbed on the wenis, the skin of your elbow.
In Business class one day, Lizzy Mambo grabbed the wenis of Jacques Enov which was wenis rape.
by Lizzy Mambo May 26, 2006
When you bash/poke someone with your elbow repeatedly.
After I kneeled down to pick up my bag, Jose wenis raped me. It left a mark.
by Stup1dity April 13, 2006
The act of pulling the wenis skin high from the elbow, and then tightly squeezing one's penis in-between it for sexual pleasure. For this act to work properly, the victim must have a sufficient amount of wenis skin.

As of now, wenis rape is only legal in Djibouti.
On my trip to Djibouti, I was ambushed and mercilessly wenis raped! I shan't forget that dreadful holiday.
by ErikB_91 May 26, 2007
wenis raping is more or less like giving someone a handshake.
"Nice to meet you, Howard."
::shakes hand::
"WENIS RAPE!" ::laughs at Sam::
by 84nn4 October 18, 2004

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