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An adolescent wench. Often she will be wearing like horrible white patent pvc boots and a denim mini skirt from like New Look or sommat. Her hair will be like straightened to non-existence or pulled back so tight you can see the sunlight shining off her gelled up hair. She will have a low-cut top on often showing her training bra on from Primark or sommat. She will probably be between the ages of 11 - 16. Will have some sort of chav in a rusty old nova hanging around her trying to get her panties off.
Wenchling: Check out like bowling venues, because they are so young they cant get in like. Often called Kirsty, Gemz or sommat completely ghay like that. See *niblet* but add in a slut factor.
by LisaThe Babe Yeh! January 18, 2006