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A website and book allegedly written to reach those who homeschool for academic reasons. The reality is that while the website claims to be open to all persons regardless of religious belief the reality is the opposite. Bigotry, homophobia, vicious attacks on the impoverished and religious fundamentalism is the cornerstone of the site. Well indoctrinated literalist, fundamentalist, uber evangelical people are the only ones truly welcome. If you dissent you are banned. You can talk trash about gays, minorities, liberals, abortion providers but if you dare defend any of these groups you will be banned. It is a disgrace to logic and reason rather than a guidepost.
Recent discussions about homosexuality and christianity prove the point about how not well trained the minds are of the authors at The Well Trained Mind.
by old befana September 10, 2011
A website with a lot of friendly homeschoolers, or friends of homeschoolers from many different backgrounds and religions. There is a TON of helpful information for those who want to homeschool, are homeschooling, or are interested in information about homeschooling. The women are real, caring, and interested in helping each other. Homeschooling methods vary from unschooling to classical, and everywhere in-between.

This site was started by Susan Wise Bauer, who wrote the book "The Well Trained Mind" with her mom, Jessie Wise.

There is rarely a "bashing" problem, and usually it's a misunderstanding, and not "bashing" at all. Every site has their few "bad apples", who sometimes write disparaging definitions of the place, when it's known that they were actually the culprit! Be that as it may, The Well Trained Mind site is highly recommended and loved by those who frequent it!
Many Newbie Homeschoolers ask for advice on how to get started, find curriculum, make lesson plans, and keep the kids motivated. A wide variety of answers are given, giving the new homeschooler a wealth of information to draw from.

As one school year winds down, thoughts go to what to use for the next year. Many questions are asked, sometimes grade-specific, about curriculum, and others share what they have used, how they used it, and if it was helpful for them or not.

Sometimes some families are the only homeschoolers in their area. The Well Trained Mind site becomes their community, giving them a chance to relate with other homeschoolers.

It really does become a habit. Friends are made, and it's hard to stay away. A wonderful and caring atmosphere and place!
by Kumiko October 14, 2009

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