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An ex-wife who does not work but has a significant alimony judgement in her favor. She has an extraordinary sense of entitlement as she collects a large sum of money from her ex-husband.
My welfare case takes half of my salary each month
by Professor S December 16, 2004
1. someone who lives off of another person or persons for a very long time and has no responsibilities when it comes to paying bills.

2. a person that doesn't have a job and lives off of someone else for a very long time without paying for their half of the bills.

3. leech; moocher; parasite; charity case
Person1: "How can Jared go on vacation? I thought he doesn't have a job."

Person2: "Oh, that's nothing new. Jared is a welfare case. He lives off of everyone else. Didn't you know that?"
#leech #moocher #parasite #charity case #sponge
by Dancing Baby August 26, 2009
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