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A tubby boy that is good in tennis
Look at that weiming..
by Eterna1 March 20, 2004
wei - ming
1. the act of a person annoying the shit out of another person or group of people
2. the act of being irritatingly bothersome, usually to the point of causing injury to one's self.
A: Dude! Did you catch the game last weekend?
B: Nah man, I went weiming last weekend.
A: Ahh bro! You went weiming without me? You are such a weimer.
B: Yea man, I weim every second weekend of the month. There's nothing better than people giving you the finger after you just weimed them.
A: Agreed. One time this guy straight up kicked me in the balls cuz I weimed him good.
B: Yea, next week I'm going to the monthly Weiming Seminar hosted by no other than Wei Ming himself.
A: Sweet dude, weim on.
by wei ming May 16, 2010
I love Victoria.
by Anonymous July 18, 2003