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1. A regular sandwich enchanced with weed, sprinkled on top or in the middle, or by using weed butter.

2. A joint rolled with several different kinds of weed, not mixed together, but layered as a sandwich. Some add tobacco flavouring to each type of weed, so as to indicate which kind they are smoking, while the joint is lit. The same can be done in a bong, if you level each layer in the bong and not sucking in too hard while lighting the bowl.

3. A phenomenon of smoking weed all day and not experiencing munchies.
1. Hey dude, let's go to Frank's place, get him to make us some weedwiches!

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weedwich cross-section

3. Dude 1: Hey man, you eaten anything today?

Dude 2: Just had a weedwich today, that's all.
by Egor the Egg October 23, 2007
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