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weed/tar/did adj. reverse or slow down of mental functionary as the result of inducing extremely good marijuana
dude 1: dude, you saw that pink elephy it jus flew thru the win'
dude 2: um...where?
dude 1: THERE!!!
dude 2: dude, your fuckin weed tarded rite now
by C1J August 12, 2006
Reffers to someone being stupid as hell, from the effects of marijuana
Dude, you we're fuckin weedtarded friday night.
by vin g May 18, 2008
A temporary but profoundly altered state of consciousness achieved through the ingestion of special medicinal herbs.
What a rough day. Time to get weedtarded and chill out.
by Weedtarded February 13, 2009
Referring to someone who has been smoking weed and is acting retarted, hence the word Weedtarded
Man Marc was being Weedtarded last night
by Andrew June 18, 2004
someone who can't get high, no matter how much the try/smoke.
we all got high on fourtwenty, except for Laura, she's weedtarded.
by stonerrhoes April 25, 2008
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