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You get forcefully put into a wedgie until you crap in your wedgie from being held so long. Often takes place during a hanging wedgie when you get left hanging by your undies.
I was at my friend's sleepover party for his 14 birhday. His parents were on a business trip for the weekend and we were left alone. after dinner oNe of my friends shouted "wedgie wars". Someone tackled me and I felt my underwear being pulled up my ass. They hung me on a hook behind the door and duct taped my hands behind my back and my legs together. They took off my shirt and gave me a purple nurple. It hurt like hell. I tried to escape but couldn't and had to crap badly. It oozed out around my underwear and it started to stink like shit. They finally couldn't stand the smell and let me go after giving me a swirly. The worst wedgie crapper ever.
by wedgieluver November 26, 2009

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