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The act of penetrating the vagina just once and then pulling out again. This can also be known as "wedging", not really sure why anyone would do it but I hear its been done.
- "Yo dog I round big Cassie's last night, we had this sick as wedge"
- "You wedged her you pussy! Youd practically wiped your feet on the welcome matt, what the fuck where you thinking, fucking wedger"
by jodie taylor07 April 07, 2007
65 59
A clementine of sorts. Very juicy and tangy.
Hey, let me get some of your wedge.
by Wedgemeister April 06, 2010
19 16
wedge |wej|
short for wedgie; someone who constantly annoys or interrupts you. Basically, a pain in the a**.
Andrea: Oh my god, Andrew, did you hear--
Emily: hey! Wanna hang out today?
Andrew: uh...
(Emily leaves)
Andrea: sorry about that. Emily is the biggest wedge.
by Booterbon June 13, 2013
2 1
In which a lurker inserts himself into a group by forcefully squeezing between two people and then not contrubuting to the conversation.
Jake: Hows it going man?
Steve: Pretty good.
(Sebastien wedges himself in between)
Jake: hey
Seb: (no response)
Steve: Wow, lurk hard
by SPX Represent December 16, 2010
1 1
Anyperson who masturbates excessively, causeing chafing of the skin and arousal by virtually all members of the opposite sex.
Alex, youre such a Wedge! i heard what you do every night in front of the computer.
by TheLunchTable11 April 11, 2011
4 5
Generally refers to a hot submarine sandwich, for example a meatball wedge or a chicken parm wedge.
1. "Let's go to the deli and get a wedge." - Greg

2. "Would you like an English wedge or a Metric wedge?" - Future employee of Terry's Wedge Emporium World Internation, Corp.
by Sephiroth Gabbiani September 11, 2003
45 47
When drinking in a round, to buy yourself a drink in between the normal flow of rounds.
No need to skull guys, I'll just get myself a wedge
by skander December 11, 2006
9 13