On the 19th april of 2005, Tim Williams, Gemoman, Gemo, Tim or Timmy, was talking with me on MSN messenger, and out of extreme boredom, came up with what has come to be known as 'website tagging'.

The concept is simple. You take a screenshot of a website, and write something on it - your name - that the website sucks - That a horse took a shit on it -- Anything. Once this is finished, you illegaly own the website.

See the image section for examples.

Let it be known that this trend was started by none other than Gemo.
Gemo: "I've gotten to the point of boredom in which I'm "tagging" websites."
by Mati April 19, 2005
Top Definition
This is meant as a continuation of the first definition found on this page. But since the system is a tad bit weird, I assume this will be the first definition, so look for the other one first and read it.

Website tagging, as of 20th april, thanks to Kyle Welsh and myself also means 'defacing' a website so that it appears thruthful to it's original form, but the content is completely changed. Great examples of this are Kyle's 'Gaygle' and 'Unibrow'(Unicef), and DJ's Mclawsuit.

We are pioneers of this, so let it be known where credit is worth.
Oh god, I'm so gonna deface this website... It will be the greatest tag ever.
by Mati April 20, 2005
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